Uli Junker, Health Coach, NES & JMT Practitioner

Dean BuchholzUli Junker was born and raised in Germany. After she finished her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, she started extensively traveling the world for business and to extend her horizon.

She moved to Charlotte, NC in 1999. While raising her son she was studying “Alternative” Health with several well known healers in Europe, North and Central America.

Uli is a certified Health Coach, Reiki, NES and JMT Practitioner. She is currently working on her German “HEILPRAKTIKER” License.

Her business background and interest in Alternative Medicine made her the perfect fit for Hipple Acupuncture. She joined the clinic in 2012 as the office manager and is assisting the acupuncturists, using JMT (mostly for Arthritis), NES, FOOT Detox, and Laser Therapy (for Allergies).

In her free time she likes spending time with family and friends, traveling, hiking, cooking and learning more about HEALING.