What is JMT?
JMT™ is an abbreviation for Jaffe-Mellor Technique, which is the successful result of years of intensive clinical research. Dr. Carolyn Jaffe, Acupuncture Physician and Ph.D.(c) Naturopathy, and Judy Mellor, RN, Ph.D.(c) Nutrition and certified Chinese medical herbalist are the co-founders.

The researchers began their quest to find a resolve for osteoarthritis more than a decade ago. It was, and still remains, their confident hope that there will always be a more holistic, safer, and less invasive way, to resolve many of today's complex health problems without exposing people to steroids and other immune-suppressing drugs, or subjecting them to invasive and rather painful invasive therapies or surgery.

Dr. Jaffe and Ms. Mellor have trained thousands of health care providers worldwide in JMT™ and were featured in "Alternative Medicine", "Oriental Medicine Journal", "Chiropractic Products", and other publications as well as having been interviewed by CBS HealthWatch.

Restoring Quality to Life
JMT™ is a new technique that has revolutionaized medicine. In more than a decade of clinical application, JMT™ has consistently demonstrated up to 100% elimination of pain and symptoms associated with a diagnosis of osteoarthritis and DJD. Most patients treated with JMT™ experience a remarkably high level of pain relief, however, long term use of steroids and drugs, could reduce the percentage of relief in some patients.

Your initial evaluation will help your practitioner determine the frequency and length of your treatments. Statistically, patients who have been treated for osteoarthritis using JMT™ experience a dramatic decline in their symptoms in as little as three to seven, twenty-minute treatments. While diminishing pain is the first noticeable benefit of treatment, at six to nine months, many patients have experienced cartilage regeneration as evidenced on x-ray scan. JMT™ requires no ingestants, special diets, drugs, or topical applications. Dr. Jaffe and co-researcher/founder of JMT™, Judy Mellor, RN have trained thousands of practitioners worldwide.